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Avoid These Common Lead Generation Mistakes

Avoid These Common Lead Generation Mistakes

We are already aware and have gone through many articles on how to generate leads, what kind of strategies to follow but are we aware of the mistakes which can lead to a big mistake? In this blog, we would like to highlight some of the common mistakes which should be avoided when doing lead generation internally.

  1. Bombardment of emails

We are not denying the fact that email is one of the main sources of lead generation but continuously blasting your customers with emails about products can lead to irritation and annoy. They might consider your email as spam when they keep getting your emails regarding your product promotion. The best solution is to send the relevant content to your potential customers and what they have asked or enquired for.

  1. CTA not found

There are possibilities that your website is too good and engaging but Call-To-Action (CTA) is missing. CTA option is the most important thing for generating leads. CTAs exist to help you lead your clients where you want them to go, which may turn into conversions. A well-crafted CTA can help you to capture an email address or create a client’s database.

Use the CTAs strategically on your website like “Get Started” or “Submit” or “Next Step” and place it on the home page, header or sidebar.

  1. No link farms

Link farms can hurt your brand’s reliability because few people will trust a company that promotes itself on sites that have no relevance to their services.

Another disadvantage of using link farms is that Google will rank your website lower when they find you are a part of multiple websites. The solution here is to build a rapport with those people who are in the same industry and you can ask if they let you feature as a guest blogger includes into their content as a source. This approach is a much safer, smarter, and more organic way of acquiring links.

  1. No interaction, only posts

This is just another big common mistake where companies set up a social media page and keep posting about website links, blogs but hardly interact with the audiences. They forget to maintain the balance between promoting and talking about business.

The best way to use your social media platform is to divide it into 2 segments when the first one is you interact with the customers and the second one is, you talk about your services. The more clients get engaged with you, the smoother and authentic your lead generation will be.

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